3-line rotary filling and sealing machine

3-line rotary filling and sealing machine

3-line rotary filling and sealing machine

The 3-line rotary filling and sealing machine is a versatile cup filling solution suitable for various applications such as yoghurt, cream cheese, crème fraîche, spreads, and more. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate different container types, including round, oval, and rectangular shapes.

The operation begins by loading plastic cups onto the rotary table using a cup dropping mechanism. The cups then undergo the filling process using a precise filling nozzle to ensure accurate filling. Once the cups are filled, a foil is securely placed on top of each cup using a pneumatic vacuum system.

To create a reliable seal, a specially designed hollow brass heating die, tailored to fit the cup’s lip, is employed. This results in a perfect circular ring seal that can withstand rough handling during transportation.

In the subsequent station, the cups, now bearing expiration dates, are directed to the outfeed conveyor for further processing. The filling volume can be conveniently adjusted through the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), allowing for precise control.

Additionally, this machine is CIP-ready, facilitating easy and efficient cleaning processes for enhanced hygiene and maintenance.

Capacity: 4500 pcs/hour
Cup dimensions, ⌀: min 40 – max 160
Filling weight: min 10 – max 1000 gr
Machine dimensions: 1000*1000*1750 mm
Machine weight: 200 kg
Voltage: 380 w -(1 – 1.5 kw consumption)
Air pressure min: 6 bar max: 8 bar
Material: AISI 304 stainless steel