Beet and carrot juice

Beet and carrot juice production line

Beet and carrot juice production

SAEI offers vegetable processing equipment and juice extraction technology that enables you to achieve the optimal ratio of juice yield to quality. With our equipment, you can consistently produce high-quality beet and carrot juice to meet the increasing demand for excellent and healthy products.

The rise in consumption of beet and carrot juice, driven by their health benefits and attributes, has led to significant advancements in processing machinery.

Our vegetable processing equipment, specifically designed for beet and carrot juice production, ensures maximum efficiency in all processing steps. It enables fast and safe handling of the delicate raw materials, resulting in excellent product quality.

In beet and carrot juice production, thorough washing is crucial as large amounts of mud and stones may be present with the produce.

After being washed and peeled, the beets and carrots are processed through a grating mill before entering the heat treatment line. Since fresh juice tends to coagulate when heated, blanching is necessary to soften the roots and maximize yields during pneumatic pressing. This is followed by homogenization to obtain a juice suitable for blending with other fruit beverages and products.

Regardless of the complexity of your production process or plant, our specialists collaborate closely with customers to develop the ultimate solution for each phase of processing.

Beet and carrot juice production line