Berry purée

Berry purée processing

Berry purée processing

Natural and concentrated berry purée finds wide application in various finished products such as smoothies, mixed juices, nectars, baby food, jams, fruit preparations, pastry fillings, yogurt, and ice cream.

Purées distinguish themselves from juices due to their highly viscous pulp, which presents a comprehensive challenge for the equipment involved in the processing. SAEI offers a complete range of fruit processing equipment, including sorting conveyors, crushers, pulpers, and filling lines, designed specifically to produce high-quality, smooth, and viscous berry purée.

After undergoing washing and sorting, the whole berries can be directly fed into the pulper, which separates the purée from the caps, leaves, and larger seeds. Alternatively, the berries can be crushed into a fine mash using a crusher, which is then passed through the pulper finisher to obtain a seedless, skinless, and fiber-free liquid purée.

To maximize efficiency, the pulping process is carried out in two stages. During this stage, the purée may incorporate air, which can adversely affect its color and flavor. To preserve the characteristics of the fresh fruit, the purée passes through a deaerator.

Our fruit processing solutions prioritize gentle treatment of the purée, ensuring optimal utilization and maximum quality extraction from the berries.


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