Butter equipment

Butter churner

Butter Churn

The butter churn is a drum-type machine designed for the production of butter from cream. This unit can be manufactured with a maximum capacity of 1,000 liters.

Capacity: 250, 350 kg



Cream Ripening Tank

Cream Ripening Tank

This tank is utilized for pasteurizing cream and reducing it to the desired maturing temperature. At this temperature, culture is added to the cream, and the maturing process continues.

Cream Pasteurization and Maturing Tank: This tank is equipped with steam heating capabilities and allows for cooling through water provided from the steam layer. With its conical outer enclosure, the tank facilitates the smooth flow of cream.


Butter Weighing

Butter Weighing

This process involves reshaping the butter to remove any excess water content. With the use of molds, the butter can be formed into circular, rectangular, or square shapes. The butter weighing equipment is equipped with adjustable cutting wires, allowing for the partitioning of butter into desired weight volumes.

Capacity: average 500 kg/h