Glass Bottles Filling Monoblock

Glass bottles filling monoblock

Glass bottles cold or hot filling line

The system is designed to handle up to 6000 bottles per hour. 

Rotary rinser

The multi-station rotary bottle rinser is a continuous rinsing machine designed for glass or plastic bottles. It features multiple rinsing stations positioned on a rotating carousel, enabling simultaneous rinsing of multiple bottles without interruptions. The rinsing process is facilitated by a self-locking bottle gripper that securely holds the bottles throughout the operation. For optimal positioning, a twist cam device is employed to turn the bottles upside down, aligning them with the rinsing nozzles.

The rinsing medium can be injected through fixed or mobile nozzles, ensuring thorough rinsing. Additionally, the rinser incorporates a double treatment feature for bottles requiring a two-step rinsing process. It includes a no bottle, no spray system to prevent medium injection when no bottle is detected. The height adjustment of the rinser is easily controlled by an electric motor, allowing for quick adjustments even during operation. The motion of all components is cam-operated, ensuring consistent and repeatable processes for every bottle.

Rotary filler

Our filling system is specially designed to handle juice and dairy products with utmost care and maintain a hygienic environment. The emphasis is on a safe design to ensure gentle filling. Our juice fillers excel in hot filling processes. The operation begins as the bottle is conveyed to the filling position using a star wheel mechanism.

At the filling position, pneumatic bottle-raising pistons and gravity filling valves are utilized. The pistons raise the bottle, pressing its neck against a rubber seat on the valve to open it. This creates a closed system connection between the bottle and the filling valve. The liquid from the filler’s tank is then poured into the bottle through gravity. Once the filling process is completed, the piston is lowered, and the bottle is transported away from the turret using a star wheel mechanism.

Twist-off capper PT

The single-head twist-off capper is a step-type capping machine designed for the application of twist-off caps on glass bottles. Steamed caps are securely picked up and tightened onto the bottles with the desired torque. The capper features a single capping station positioned above a scroll mechanism that transports the bottles smoothly through the capper, ensuring continuous motion without any liquid spillage.