Mango purée

Mango purée processing

Mango purée processing

Natural and concentrated mango purée is a versatile ingredient used in a wide range of finished products, including juices, smoothies, mixed juices, nectars, baby food, jams, fruit preparations, and fillings for pastries, yogurt, and ice cream.

The process of producing mango purée differs significantly from that of juices, as it involves working with highly viscous pulp throughout the various processing stages. We offer a comprehensive range of fruit processing equipment, from sorting conveyors to destoner-pulper units and filling lines, which are essential for achieving high-quality, smooth, and viscous mango purée.

Typically, fully mature mangoes that are soft but not overripe are chosen for purée production. Once sorted and washed, the mangoes are passed through a destoner-pulper to remove the stone, skin, and fiber, transforming the destoned mash into a consistent purée. To ensure a peel-free purée, special rotor and screen configurations in our destoners effectively eliminate bitter substances present in the peel.

Heating the mangoes prior to pulping can facilitate the process, reduce oxidation, and stabilize the purée’s clarity. For maximum efficiency, the pulping is conducted in two stages. It is important to note that the purée may contain air at this stage, necessitating the use of a deaerator to preserve its color and flavor. Homogenization can also be employed to increase the viscosity of the mango purée.

With our mango processing solutions, great care is taken to treat the purée as gently as possible, ensuring maximum yield and obtaining the best flavor and quality from the fruit.

Mango purée processing