Mobile pome fruit processing line

Mobile pome fruit processing line

Mobile pome fruit processing line

Mobile pome fruit processing line offers the convenience of preassembled, prewired, pre-plumbed, and pre-commissioned fruit processing units. These units are delivered on a specially designed modular platform and mounted on a heavy-duty trailer, allowing for easy and efficient local transportation.

Mobile fruit processing lines offer a compelling alternative to traditional juice processing methods, serving as a vital solution for transforming pome fruits like apples and pears into high-quality pressed juice. These mobile units cater to the increasing demand for organic and healthy products by providing on-site support for orchards, packing houses, fruit stands, cider houses, breweries, wineries, and distilleries, enabling them to process their fruit directly at the source.

The success of producing semi-finished and finished products from pome fruits relies on delicately balancing the preservation of crop quality, flavor, and color while adhering to hygiene and safety standards. Our mobile fruit processing unit brings the services of juicing, pasteurizing, and packaging local fruit directly to the site. This benefits small independent, artisanal, and commercial producers alike, helping them maintain this crucial balance, stay ahead of the competition, and take full advantage of their fruit’s favorable pressing conditions.

The complete mobile fruit processing line smoothly guides pome fruits through various stages, including reception and sorting, washing, grinding, pressing, treatment, and hot-filling processes. Despite its compact dimensions, the mobile plant offers high capacity, superior performance, unrestricted mobility, and the ability to operate instantly after relocating, ensuring that your end product passes with flying colors.

Compared to stationary processing lines, mobile fruit processing plants offer several key advantages:

  1. Immediate profitability: No planning permission is required, ensuring your investment becomes profitable from day one.
  2. Convenience and cost-effectiveness: The plant comes to the fruit, reducing process steps and costs, while promoting sustainability.
  3. Modular construction: The equipment’s modular design ensures optimal fruit feeding, juice yield, and pomace disposal. It also allows for easy access, facilitating successful operation and maintenance.

Regardless of the complexity of your production process, our specialists collaborate closely with customers to develop the ultimate solution for each phase of processing.