Orion intermittent motion machine

Orion vertical packaging machine

Orion vertical packaging machine

ORION Series machines are designed for both vertical and horizontal intermittent motion, making them suitable for different types of packages in the food and non-food industries. These machines utilize Servo-Motion technology to achieve the highest possible speeds. They can easily adapt to market changes with various accessories and attachments and can be easily adjusted for different formats.



• All surfaces that come into contact with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

• Supports various package types such as pillow bag, gusseted bags, stand-up pouch.

• Key machine movements, such as horizontal sealing and film feeding, are executed independently using advanced servo motor technology.

• Motion-Controller system effectively manages all machine functions, seamlessly synchronizing the motion of the servo motors.

• Accessing machine parameters and making adjustments is convenient and straightforward with the user-friendly 10″ LCD color touchscreen interface.

• The P.I.D. Heat Control System maintains consistent and stable sealing, contributing to high-quality packaging outcomes.

• Precise film cutting is achieved through a photocell that detects sequential markers on the packaging or an encoder system for markerless packaging.

• The printing adjustment is pneumatically controlled, and the Self-Centering Film Driver, engineered for optimal balance, ensures smooth and error-free film feeding.

• The Auto-Film Centering System automatically aligns the film for accurate positioning during packaging.

• Equipped with a film end sensor, the machine halts automatically, and the Film Splicing Unit facilitates seamless joining of the previous and new film sections.

• The Auto-Film Tensioning System effectively controls the motor that rotates the shaft to secure the film reel, using precise data from the Film Tension Sensor.

• The Moving Balance Arm maintains consistent tension on the film, resulting in uniform and smooth packaging.

• Safety measures include automatic machine stoppage in the event of errors or when safety covers are open, accompanied by clear error messages displayed on the screen.

• The machine is compatible with various filling systems, such as volumetric filling, linear scales, multi-head scales, auger filling, and liquid filling, enabling versatile product packaging.

• It is compatible with a wide range of packaging materials, including polypropylene, polyethylene, laminated films, barrier films, water-soluble films, and more.

Vertical packaging machine

Dimensions IM250 IM350
Width 1485mm 1585mm
Length 2056mm 2056mm
Height 1710mm 2075mm
Weight 1200 kg 1350mm
Technical Data
Mechanical Speed ​​(packs/minute) one hundred 90
Working Speed ​​(packs/minute) 70 60
Package Length (min. – max.) 40 – 360mm 40 – 500mm
Package Width (min. – max.) 30-240mm 30 – 340mm
Film Coil Diameter (max.) 400mm 400mm
Film Coil Width 700mm 900mm
power requirement 5 kW 6 kW
voltage requirement 380V 3Fas 50Hz 380V 3Fas 50Hz
air requirement 150 lt/min. 150 lt/min.
Air Pressure (min.) 6 Bars 6 Bars