Pasteurization unit

Automatic Milk Pasteurizer

Unit is designed for pasteurization of liquid food products in a closed flow from storage tanks in order to stop the vital activity of pathogenic forms of bacteria and heat-resistant microbes.

Description of the pasteurization process:

The feed product enters the receiving tank in which the operating level of the product is maintained due to level sensors. From the receiving tank the product is pumped to the regeneration section of the multi-sectional plate machine for preheating with counter pasteurized product and sent to the separator/deaerator/homogenizer.

Then product is directed to the pasteurization section and heated up to 92 – 95°С. After it the heated product comes to the holding tank for 30-35 seconds and after it goes to the regeneration and cooling sections in series.

Product is heated to the required temperature in the pasteurization section:

1st variant – by superheated water which is heated by steam in a separate heat exchanger;

2nd variant – the superheated water prepared in the boilers mounted on the unit; the heating is provided by the heating elements.

Product cooling to the desired temperature is carried out in two stages according to the countercurrent principle: firstly – in the regeneration section(s) by the initial cold product and then, in the cooling section – by the coolant (ice water).