PET Bottles Filling Monoblock

PET bottles filling monoblock

PET bottles filling line

The PET bottles filling monoblocks are designed to handle from 1000 to 9000 bottles per hour.

Rotary rinser

Multi station rotary rinser is a continues type rinser, suitable for rinsing or blowing the inside of the glass or plastic bottles. Rinser is designed of multi rinsing stations placed on a rotating carousel, allowing rinsing of multiple bottles at the same time in continues motion, without stopping.
Rinsing station consist of a self-locking bottle gripper, which grabs the bottle by the neck and holds is through all process.

The bottles are turned upside-down by means of a twist cam device that ensures their correct positioning over the rinsing nozzles.
The medium injection nozzle can be fixed, or mobile, which will penetrate the bottle neck for better rinsing effect.

Double treatment rinser are used for rinsing of the bottles where rinsing is needed to be done in two steps. Rinser is equipped with no bottle no spray system, the rinsing medium is not injected, if the bottle is not present. Rinser height adjustment is powered by electric motor, for simple and fast height adjustment, even in operation. All the components’ motions are cam operated, allowing repeatability of the process on all the bottles.

Electronic volumetric filler

Volumetric filler with inductive flow meters offers precise and hygienic bottle filling. Each fill position is equipped with flow meter and two speed diaphragm valve, which precisely determines fill quantity of every bottle. Filling is contactless, provides no bottle contact with the filling valve, which could left product on the bottle neck.

Product is filled in turbulence-free stream, which offers smooth filling process, gentle on the product, and no product spray on the bottle.
Precise cleaning in a closed system using CIP cups.

Pick-Place capper

Single head pick-place capper is a step type capper, suitable for the application of the pre-treated caps on glass or plastic bottles. Application is done by picking the cap with the capping head chuck – placing and screwing it on the bottle with desired torque. Capper is designed of single capping stations placed above a star-wheel, which will transport the bottles through the capper.