Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice production line

Pomegranate juice production

The demand for pomegranate juice has significantly increased due to the fruit’s health benefits and unique qualities, leading to a growing need for advanced juice machinery.

At SAEI, we not only assist you in efficiently carrying out all the steps involved in pomegranate juice processing but also offer the advantages of the latest technology available in this field.

Pomegranates, with their vibrant ruby-red color, juicy garnet-colored niblets, and leathery skin, present a challenging fruit to process. Inadequate technology can introduce tannic elements and compromise the quality of the juice.

The crucial step in pomegranate juice processing is the extraction and separation of the arils (juice-filled seeds) from the peel and sheath. Our pomegranate desheller is designed specifically for this purpose, followed by a vibrating screen separator that ensures precise aril separation. The arils can then be pressed using pneumatic batch presses or continuous belt presses to achieve optimal throughput and yields.

To obtain a clear juice, the pressed pomegranate juice undergoes a process of clarification and filtration before being bottled and made ready for store shelves.

Regardless of the complexity of your production process or plant, our specialists work closely with customers to develop the ultimate solution for each phase of processing.