Pressed berry juice

Berry juice pressing line

Berry juice pressing 

The demand for berry juices has experienced a notable increase due to the health benefits and characteristics of these fruits, and a similar trend is observed in the demand for advanced juice technology.

At SAEI, we not only assist you in efficiently carrying out all the necessary steps in berry juice processing but also provide you with the advantages of the latest technology available in this field.

When it comes to berry juice production, extraction from fresh or frozen fruit can be achieved through either cold or hot pressing methods using our pneumatic press. This press applies pressure to the fruit mash against perforated drain channels of a cylinder in a single or multiple cycles, ensuring optimal throughput and yields. Cold pressing yields a juice with a light color and delicate flavor, while hot pressing, with the assistance of enzyme treatment, results in a deeper color and stronger flavor.

Regardless of the complexity of your production process or plant, our specialists collaborate closely with customers to develop the ultimate solution for each phase of processing.

Berry juice pressing technology