Tomato juice

Tomato juice production line

Tomato juice production

SAEI offers vegetable processing equipment and juice extraction technology that allows you to achieve an optimal juice yield-quality ratio and consistently produce high-quality tomato juice. This is in response to the increased demand for excellent and healthy tomato products, driven by the health benefits and attributes of tomatoes.

Our tomato processing equipment, specifically designed for tomato juice production, ensures maximum efficiency in all processing steps. It enables fast and safe handling of the delicate raw material, resulting in product excellence.

Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to pulp and are versatile for a range of juice products and blends. Peeling or coring is unnecessary, and depending on the desired end product, tomatoes undergo either a cold or hot break during juicing. The hot break method involves milling whole tomatoes and immediately heating them to inactivate enzymes, while the cold break method involves immediate milling followed by rapid juicing to retain more flavor.

The milled tomato mash is then passed through a pulper machine to separate the skin and seeds, and it is further reduced to a liquid using a paddle pulper finisher. Filtration is employed to remove any remaining seeds or skin particles. At this stage, the purée may contain air, which needs to be eliminated by passing it through a deaerator to preserve the fresh tomato’s color and flavor. The purée can also undergo homogenization to increase viscosity.

No matter the complexity of your production process or plant, our specialists work closely with customers to develop the ultimate solution for each phase of processing.

Tomato juice production line