Twin Tube packaging machine

Twin tube VFFS

Twin Tube vertical packaging machine

Orion IMT250 Twin Tube design offers several advantages:

• Twin tube design with two outputs, allowing for increased production capacity.

• Speed of up to 160 bags per minute, ensuring efficient operation.

• Doubles the production output within the same space as a single tube machine, maximizing productivity.

• Easy operation facilitated by a single 12″ industrial PC man-machine interface.

• Reduced operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements, leading to cost savings.

• Quick changeover and setup capabilities, enabling efficient transitions between different products or packaging configurations.

• Ability to pack two different weights simultaneously, offering versatility and flexibility in packaging options.

Twin Tube vertical packaging machine


Key Features

• Components that come into contact with the product are constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel, ensuring hygiene and durability.

• Supports a wide range of bag types, including pillow bags, gusset bags, block bottom bags, string bags, and more.

• The main machine movements, such as the horizontal sealing group and film driving group, are driven by independent brushless servo motors.

• The motion-controller system serves as a single controller that efficiently coordinates all servo motors, inputs-outputs, and control functions of the production line, replacing the need for a separate PLC.

• The 10″ LCD color touch screen panel provides a user-friendly interface for managing all machine parameters, making operation and adjustments simple and straightforward.

• The P.I.D. Heating Control System ensures precise and stable sealing operations.

• Film cut-off is controlled by a photo eye for registered films or an incremental encoder for neutral films.

• The self-centering drive belt, regulated by adjustable pneumatic pressure, accurately feeds the film.

• The auto-film centering system adjusts the independent roll support to automatically center the film on the tube collar.

• An out-of-film signal triggers an automatic machine stop and facilitates quick connection between the finished roll and a new roll.

• The auto film-unwinding unit is controlled by an expansion type reel-holder shaft with an independent motor.

• The film tension sensor indicates when the film tension is at the optimal level.

• A movable roller arm ensures continuous and smooth tension for consistent bag forming and registration.

• Safety features include automatic machine stoppage in case of incorrect closure of safety doors or operational malfunctions, with clear messages displayed on the screen.

• The machine is adaptable to different filling systems, such as multi-head weighers, linear weighers, volumetric dosing, auger fillers, piston fillers, and more.

• Compatible with various wrapping materials, including polypropylene, laminates, coupled materials, barrier films, water-soluble films, films of biological origin, and other heat-sealing materials such as polyethylene.

Vertical packaging machine

Width 1935mm
Length 2045mm
Height 1690mm
Weight 1400 kg
Technical Data
Mechanical Speed ​​(packs/minute) 180
Working Speed ​​(packs/minute) 140
Package Length (min. – max.) 40 – 350mm
Package Width (min. – max.) 30 – 240mm
Film Coil Diameter (max.) 400mm
Film Coil Width 500mm
power requirement 6 kW
voltage requirement 380V 3Ph 50 Hz
air requirement 150 lt/min.
Air Pressure (min.) 6 Bars